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Montage of Spring 2004 Performers

Date Performers Location

Spring 2014
Sat Feb 15 Amy Speace Unity
Sat March 1 Mark Erelli (weather cancellation) Unity
Thurs March 6 Catie Curtis (Jenna Lindbo opens) Unity
Sun March 16 Ashley Davis and Liz Carroll Liberty
Fri April 4 Kate Macleod and Kat Eggleston Unity
Fri April 25 Pierce Pettis Unity
Fall 2013
Fri Sept 6 April Verch Trio and Truckstop Honeymoon Unity
Sat Sept 28 Lucy Wainwright Roche Unity
Sat Oct 12 David Grier Unity
Fri Nov 1 Carrie Newcomer Lied Pav
Sat Nov 9 Tony Furtado Duo Unity
Spring 2013
Fri Jan 4 Ellis Paul Unity
Sat Jan 19 Drew Nelson (Danny McGaw opened) Unity
Sat March 16 Tracy Grammer Unity
Sat April 13 Cheryl Wheeler Unity
Sat May 11 Brother Sun Unity
Fall 2012
Thur Aug 23 Red Molly Lied Pav
Fri Oct 5 Kelley Hunt Lied Pav
Sat Nov 10 Lucy Kaplansky CD Release Concert Unity
Fri Nov 16 Peter Mulvey Unity
Spring 2012
Fri Jan 13 Girlyman Unity
Sat March 10 Connie Dover Lied Pav
Fri April 20 Cindy Novelo & Tricia Spencer and
Darrell Lea & Megan Hurt
Lied Pav
Sat May 5 Antje Duvekot Unity
Sat June 9 Darrell Scott Lied Pav
Fall 2011
Fri Aug 26 Red Molly (Cindy Novelo opened) Unity
Fri Sept 30 Ellis Paul (Peyton Tochterman opened) Unity
Sat Oct 15 Willy Porter Unity
Fri Oct 21 The Jeff and Vida Band Unity
Thur Nov 17 SONiA and disappear fear Lied Pav
Spring 2011
Fri Feb 4 Small Potatoes Unity
Sat Feb 12 Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault Unity
Thurs March 3 Darrell Scott Unity
Sat Apr 30 Cheryl Wheeler Unity
Fall 2010
Fri Oct 1 Lucy Kaplansky (Lucy Wainwright Roche opened) Unity
Sat Oct 9 Patty Larkin (Birdsong at Morning opened) Unity
Sat Oct 23 Lori McKenna (with Mark Erelli opening) Unity
Fri Nov 12 Catie Curtis Unity
Spring 2010
Fri Jan 29 Richard Shindell and Antje Duvekot Unity
Sat Apr 10 Carrie Newcomer Unity
Fri Apr 23 John McCutcheon Unity
Sat May 8 Kelley Hunt with special guest Ashley Davis Unity
Sat May 22 Peter Mulvey Unity
Fall 2009
Sat Oct 3 Cheryl Wheeler  (Kenny White opened) Unity
Sat Dec 5 Ellis Paul  (Adam Ezra opened) Unity
Spring 2009
Sat Jan 10 Beppe Gambetta Unity
Thurs Mar 5 Po' Girl Unity
Wed Mar 25 Marley's Ghost Unity
Fall 2008
Fri Sept 19 John Gorka (SONiA opened) Unity
Fri Sept 26 Connie Dover & Skip Gorman Unity
Fri Oct 10 Zoë Lewis (with Roxanne Layton) Unity
Sat Nov 22 Peter Mulvey Unity
Fri Dec 5 Small Potatoes Unity
Spring 2008
SatJan 26 Lucy Kaplansky with special guest Peter Mulvey Unity
ThursFeb 14 Catie Curtis Unity
SunMar 16 Andy M. Stewart and Gerry O'Beirne Unity
WedMar 26 Patty Larkin Unity
SatMay 3 Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
(Charisse and Steve Kahler opened)
Fall 2007
SatSept 29 Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Unity
Summer 2007
SatJuly 14 Tim O’Brien
Spring 2007
SatMarch 10 Lucy Kaplansky with special guest Garnet RogersUnity
SunApril 15 John McCutcheonUnity
Fall 2006
FriOct 6 Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines Unity
FriOct 20 Peter Mulvey Unity
SatNov 4 Brian Joseph (Brad Colerick opened) Unity
FriDec 1 Small Potatoes (Charisse & Steve Kahler opened) Unity
Spring 2006
SatJan 21 Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart Unity
FriFeb 24 Chris Smither (Louise Taylor opened) Unity
FriMar 10 Lucy Kaplansky (Brian Joseph opened) Unity
FriApr 7 Carrie Newcomer (Krista Detor opened) Unity
FriApr 21 Susan Werner (Justin Roth opened) Unity
FriApr 28 Kris Delmhorst (Kasey Rausch opened) Unity
Fall 2005
SatSept 24 Kenny White (Rick Bruner opened) Unity
SatOct 1 Louise Taylor CornerBank
FriOct 14 Cheryl Wheeler (Kasey Rausch opened) Unity
FriOct 28 Greg Greenway Unity
SatNov 19 The Kennedys Unity
Spring 2005
SatJan 29 Frank Lee (with Andrea Earley) Unity
SatFeb 5 Richard Shindell (Anne Heaton opened) Unity
ThursFeb 17 Ellis Paul Unity
FriMar 11 Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum SME
FriApr 1 Connie Dover and Friends
(Kelly Werts, Chipper Thompson, and Mason Brown)
FriApr 8 Small Potatoes Unity
FriApr 29 Ann Zimmerman CornerBank
Fall 2004
FriSept 10 Carrie Newcomer CornerBank
SunSept 26 Vance Gilbert ECM
SatOct 2 The Midday Ramblers and Jim & Kim Lansford SME
ThursOct 14 John Gorka (Kenny White opened) LAC
SatOct 30 Christine Kane (Rick Bruner opened) Unity
SunNov 14 Catie Curtis
(Mark Erelli opened)
SatDec 4 Brooks Williams CornerBank
Spring 2004
ThursFeb 5 Patty Larkin LAC
MonFeb 16 Groovelily Hawk's Nest
TuesMar 9 Jenny Reynolds and Karen Mal Hawk's Nest
FriMar 12 Robin and Linda Williams and their Fine Group LAC
FriApr 2 Cheryl Wheeler (Kenny White opened) Woodruff
ThursApr 8 Rebecca Folsom, Liz Barnez and Maggie Simpson Hawk's Nest
SatJune 5 David Roth Unity
TuesJune 8 The Mammals Mass St
Fall 2003
SunSept 28 Karen Savoca (Melanie Hersch opened) Unity
SatOct 4 Beppe Gambetta SME
SatOct 11 Tracy Grammer (Claire Bard opened) Unity
SatOct 25 Christine Kane Unity
SatNov 1 Zoë Lewis Unity
FriNov 21 Catie Curtis (Beth Amsel opened) LAC
FriDec 5
Connie Dover, Kelly Werts, and Ann Zimmerman, (with guest Lisa Harris) LAC
Spring 2003
FriJan 17 Small Potatoes SME
MonFeb 10 Andrew Kerr Hawk's Nest
FriMar 7 bohola SME
TuesMar 11 Edie Carey Hawk's Nest
SatApr 5 Greg Brown (Karen Savoca opened) Woodruff
TuesApr 8 Beth Amsel Hawk's Nest
FriApr 11 Dougie MacLean LAC
FriApr 25 Carrie Newcomer (Sam Shaber opened) Unity
Fall 2002
SunSept 22 Terri Hendrix ECM
ThursOct 3 Colleen Sexton and Trina Hamlin Hawk's Nest
FriOct 18 Vance Gilbert (Brian Joseph opened) SME
FriNov 1 Greg Greenway (Jenn Adams opened) ECM
SatNov 9
The Wilders and The Midday Ramblers SME
FriNov 15 Kris Delmhorst PCC
SatDec 7
Connie Dover, Ann Zimmerman, Kelly Werts, and Lisa Harris LAC
Spring 2002
WedFeb 6 Lucy Kaplansky (with Jennifer Kimball) PCC
FriApr 5 Small Potatoes ECM
Fall 2001
ThursOct 4 Ellis Paul and Susan Werner) PCC
SatOct 13 John Gorka (Sam Shaber opened) PCC
FriOct 19 Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
(Brian Joseph opened)
FriOct 26
Lynn Morris Band (The Midday Ramblers opened) SME
FriNov 9 Louise Taylor (Allette Brooks opened) ECM
SatNov 17 Connie Dover & Roger Landes SME
Spring 2001
FriJan 12 Small Potatoes ECM
ThursJan 18 Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott PCC
SatJan 27 Coyote Project ECM
FriFeb 2 Still on the Hill ECM
SatFeb 17 Nerissa & Katryna Nields
(Christine Kane opened)
FriFeb 23 Robin and Linda Williams and their Fine Group SME
SatMar 3 Lou and Peter Berryman ECM
ThursMar 8 Patty Larkin (Peter Mulvey opened) PCC
TuesMar 13 Aoife Clancy ECM
ThursMar 29 Lucy Kaplansky (Beth Amsel opened) PCC
WedApr 4 Tom, Brad and Alice ECM
WedApr 18 Grey Larsen & Paddy League ECM
FriApr 27 Cosy Sheridan ECM
SatMay 5 Erica Wheeler ECM
SatMay 12 Jamie Anderson ECM
Fall 2000
SatSept 9 Andrew McKnight ECM
ThursSept 21 Barbara Kessler ECM
ThursSept 28 Beth Amsel & Bryan Kelley ECM
TuesOct 3 The Ellis Paul Band ECM
ThursOct 5 Carolyn Cruso ECM
ThursOct 12 Cheryl Wheeler (Tanya Savory opened) ECM
FriOct 20 Brooks Williams ECM
SatOct 21 Steve Kaufman (Scott Tichenor & Friends opened) SME
FriOct 27 Kelley Hunt PCC
WedNov 1 Dar Williams (Catie Curtis opened) Liberty
ThursNov 2 Greg Brown (Louise Taylor opened) Liberty
MonNov 6 Richard Shindell (Brian Joseph opened) PCC
FriNov 10 Peter Keane ECM
ThursNov 16 The Kennedys ECM
SatNov 18 Connie Dover & Roger Landes
(Maria Anthony & Megan Hurt opened)
FriDec 1 John McCutcheon SME
Spring 2000
FriJan 14 Roger Landes & Gerald Trimble SME
ThursJan 20 Pierce Pettis (Christopher Grundy opened) PCC
FriJan 21 Small Potatoes PCC
WedJan 26 Bill Morrissey PCC
FriFeb 4 Susan Werner (Rechelle Malin opened) SME
FriFeb 11 The Euphoria Stringband & The Wilders PCC
FriFeb 18 Greg Greenway (Darrell Lea opened) SME
FriFeb 25 Allette Brooks
(Becky Farris & Melineh Kurdian opened)
FriMarch 3 Kansas Songwriters Reunion:
Greg Allen, Kim Forehand, Jim Edmonston,
and Rechelle Malin
TuesMarch 7 Joan Baez Liberty
FriMarch 10 A Celtic Celebration
with Rowan and Forest Green
ThursMar 16 Lucy Kaplansky (Stephan Smith opened) PCC
SatMarch 18 Mike Seeger SME
FriMar 24 Chris Proctor PCC
FriMar 31 Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
(David Hakan opened)
FriApr 7 Anne Hills and David Roth PCC
FriApr 14 Don Conoscenti House
FriApr 28 L.J. Booth
(Narissa Bond opened)
FriMay 5 Dana Robinson and Susan Shore PCC
More records of our past to come - please check back!
Location Key
Burge The Burge (Satellite) Union
NW of Allen Field House on KU Campus, Lawrence, KS
CornerBank The CornerBank
4621 West 6th St, Lawrence, KS
ECM Ecumenical Christian Ministries building
1204 Oread, Lawrence, KS
Hawk's Nest The Hawk's Nest in the Kansas Union
1301 Jayhawk Blvd on the KU Campus, Lawrence, KS
LAC The Lawrence Arts Center
940 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS
Liberty Liberty Hall
642 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS
Lied Pav Lied Center Pavilion
1600 Stewart Drive on the KU Campus, Lawrence, KS
Mass St Mass Street Music
1347 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS
PCC Plymouth Congregational Church
925 Vermont, Lawrence, KS
SME St Margaret's Episcopal Church
5700 W. 6th Street, Lawrence, KS
Unity Unity Church of Lawrence
9th Street and Madeline Lane, Lawrence, KS
Woodruff Woodruff Auditorium in the Kansas Union
1301 Jayhawk Blvd on the KU Campus, Lawrence, KS

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